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santa clara valley 99s Feeling lucky? Then try your hand at a Poker Flight!

What is A Poker Flight?

A flying poker game.

Playing cards are distributed, in sealed envelopes or with a dealer, at 5 different airports.

All players assemble at the designated "start" airport where each pilot and passenger buys a "hand". You can buy as many hands as you want, and even buy hands for non-flying friends and family!

Each player/pilot is told which airports to fly to, and at which airport to meet at the end. She flies to each airport, picks a card for each "hand" in her plane, and flies on to the next stop until she has picked up all her cards.

When she gets to the final airport, any player may try to improve her hand by exchanging up to three cards for new ones - for a price!

The best poker hand wins and prizes are awarded.

This is a great way to get flying and see new airports! It will also test your pilot proficiency in finding airports and following airport procedures.

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