Lane’s Story

MAYDAY, MAYDAY, my engine has blown up and my airplane is on fire! By Lane Post Dateline: Wednesday, middle of July. I own 1/2 of a 1961 Cessna 182 which we keep at Palomar (CRQ) in Carlsbad, CA. It’s overcast with about a 1500′ ceiling and with my wife and youngest son, 18 years old, … Read more

Birdie on the Green

Why would a grandmother learn to fly anyway? by Marjorie Johnson “Cessna One Eight Echo, Cleared for takeoff.” My twentieth solo hour. Time off, 9:54 a.m. Nose up, full power, right rudder. I am turning left. More right rudder. Still turning left, I’m not climbing. I’m going to clip someone’s tail! The clock says 10:50 … Read more

Checkride Tips

Suggestions for Doing Well on Your Checkride Know what is expected of you. Study the FAA’s Private Pilot Practical Test Standards. Talk with others who recently took checkrides with your examiner. Talk with the examiner, some will offer suggestions and advice, others won’t. Use a familiar airplane, such as the one in which you’ve been … Read more

Air Race Checklist

Air Racing 101 A Primer on Cross-country Handicapped Speed Racing By Pat Lowers Here is a basic list of tasks that will need to be performed during a race. Use it as a starting point and add your own items as they occur to you. Assign all tasks Make hotel reservations Bring Extra engine oil … Read more

Introduction to Air Racing

Air Racing 101 A Primer on Cross-country Handicapped Speed Racing By Pat Lowers Contents: Introduction Flight Planning and Navigation Fuel Management Winds and other Weather Fly-bys Cockpit Resource Management Scoring Attachment A: Race Kit Checklist Dedicated to the two women who have been most instrumental in getting me into racing and keeping it enjoyable for … Read more


by Melanie, Golden Triangle Chapter 99s When you are overflying an airport, you often see the airport name painted on the taxiway, sometimes accompanied by a compass rose. Those letters and roses are painted by hand and the painting process is called airmarking. One accomplishment we are particularly proud of is the fact that volunteer … Read more