99s Future Women Pilots

Support, Encouragement, and Friendship
As a student pilot have you have ever felt, “I wish I could talk to other women who have gone through this”?

As a Student Pilot member of the Ninety-Nines, you CAN! Furthermore, you’ll meet other women student pilots who are experiencing the same things you are right now. You’ll benefit from sharing your experiences with your peers and have fun too!

Join us for our meetings and activities
Any and all women student pilots are welcome to attend all SCV 99s Chapter activities. We encourage students throughout their training, and we can help show them what to expect and what to do with their skills upon receiving that hard-earned pilot certificate.

In addition to attending our monthly meetings, we’d like you to come along on our monthly fly-outs. You’ll learn from watching other pilots and by talking to other pilots about their training and experiences.

See our calendar for more info on SCV99s events and activities.

Student Pilot Member Program
If you are a woman and a student pilot, we invite you to join our chapter. Joining the 99s as a Student Pilot member brings many of the benefits of full membership in the 99s. You’ll share the camaderie as you participate in our activities. In addition, this special student status allows you to become eligible sooner for the Amelia Earhart Memorial Scholarship.

You are eligible to join the Ninety-Nines as a Student Pilot if you have a current student pilot certificate or equivalent document for non-US applicants.

New Pilot Awards up to $2000
As a Student Pilot member, you will be eligible to apply for the Fly Now Award. This award, up to $6000, is to be used to help with costs to complete your recreational pilot, sport pilot, or private pilot certificate.

To find out more about this great opportunity and to get an application, ask your chapter’s FWP chairman or see our scholarship page.

Mentoring Program
We can match you with a licensed pilot who can help you through the rough spots in your training, give you encouragement, and help you to know what to expect. And, as one Future Woman Pilot put it, "Sometimes you just need someone to call…"