What is A Mystery Flight?

Imagine planning a flight where you don’t know what your destination is. All you are given is a sheet of paper with clues in the form of headings, distances, and landmarks. It is up to you to use your pilotage skills to fly the course, identify the landmarks, and reach the mystery destination.

Whether you are a new pilot or an old pro, you’ll have fun following the clues and finding the mystery airport.

Here’s how it works:

Go to the designated starting airport to pick up the clue sheet plus a list of Route questions whose answers can only be determined by flying over specific locations. The clues tell you how to fly along to reach those locations. The correct answers to the questions will help you to verify that you are on course.

The last clue directs you to the final airport where we all meet for lunch.

There will be a ‘bailout’ envelope in case you get hopelessly lost and want to join the rest of us for lunch at the end.

We will also have a list of Bonus questions that will test your basic pilot knowledge.

Answer sheets are turned in and reviewed. Whichever team has the most correct answers to the Route questions and the Bonus questions will be declared winner. The winning team will be awarded a PRIZE. (You must be present to win!)

It is a good idea to take several people up with you to help you look at the ground to find answers to questions like how many towers a building has, or what color something unusual is. You need people looking down, as well as for other planes. All participants are going in the same order for this flight; sometimes the airspace gets busy.

A mystery flight is tons of fun and will definitely add to your navigational proficiency.