Join the Santa Clara Valley Chapter of the 99s!

Most members of the Santa Clara Valley Chapter live, work & fly in San Mateo & Santa Clara counties. Other chapters in our area include Bay Cities 99s (Oakland & East Bay), Alameda County 99s, Santa Rosa 99s (Sonoma County), Sacramento Valley 99s and Monterey Bay 99s. If you are outside of our area, you can try to find a chapter closer to you on the 99s International Web site.

Membership Requirements:

If you are a woman pilot or a future woman pilot, we cordially invite you to visit our regular monthly meeting, to get to know us, and join our international community of women flyers.

You don’t have to have to have your license to start enjoying the fun of flying. Future Women Pilots (FWPs) are invited to join the Ninety-Nines as a Student Pilot member. Future Women Pilots come to our meetings and participate in all of our flying and other events. See our FWP page for more info.

Membership Benefits:

The major goals of our chapter are to support and encourage all our women pilots on a personal level, to promote aviation education, to support general aviation, to learn from each other, and to have fun flying.

  • More flying: Feel like flying, but have nowhere to go? Our chapter tries to sponsor at least one flying event every month. And, if you are a student or don’t want to be PIC, there’s almost always a spare seat available.
  • Shared experience: Hanger Flying gives us an opportunity to vent frustrations and to relive victories.
  • Aviation education: Our chapter is actively interested in education both for ourselves and our community, especially young people. Members have gone into schools on career days, partnered with other groups for special educational events.

    Monthly meetings often feature educational topics that help us become better and safer pilots. We organize educational field trips to FSDOs, museums, anywhere where we can learn something. We also learn a lot from each other.

  • Financial support: As a member of the Ninety-Nines, you become eligible to apply for one of the Amelia Earhart Memorial Scholarships for advanced flight training or courses in specialized branches of aviation. Twenty-three scholarships were awarded in 2001.

    If you are a student pilot, you can apply for the Future Woman Pilot scholarship – if you are a member of the Ninety-Nines.

    See the 99s International site for more scholarship details.

    In addition, several other Ninety-Nines chapters offer scholarships that are only open to Ninety-Nines members.

  • Support for the local aviation community: Our members are informed and involved in many local aviation activities such as the Watsonville airshow and RHV day. Our annual Pasta Night fund raiser helps raise money for the San Jose State Precision Flight Team. Our work in the community helps build a positive image of aviation and helps to improve the quality of the aviation community in the present and for the future.
  • Friendship: Most important, our shared experiences and love of flying form the foundation for lasting friendships.

Membership Forms:

You must be a licensed woman pilot or a student woman pilot to join the Ninety-Nines. Licensed pilots do not need to be current. Student pilots must have current medical certificate.

Please read the application form carefully to determine other membership eligibility requirements and the appropriate dues.

All women pilots and future women pilots are welcome to attend many of our meetings and activities without becoming members.

IMPORTANT NOTE: In order to become a member of the Ninety-Nines with all the benefits & privileges of membership, you must complete the Ninety-Nines International Membership Form [below]. This is a separate process from joining our chapter.

Paperwork Checklist

To join our chapter, you’ll want to prepare all these:

  1. Ninety-Nines International Membership Form
  2. SCV99s Member Profile
  3. Check for Ninety-Nines International dues payable to “Ninety-Nines Inc.”
    Amount depends on membership status: FWP, student, or regular. See form for details.
  4. Check for $15 Chapter dues payable to “SCV99s.”

Please contact our membership chair to find out where to mail your completed form(s) and check(s):

SCV99s Membership Chair: