CFI Checkride – One Woman Pilot’s Experience

Every checkride I do a write up about the experience. So why not continue that trend? This time it was my CFI Initial checkride (the doooosey). Most people told me that it’s likely the hardest checkride I was to face. I found the training to not be necessarily difficult.

I mean it’s the same material I had been studying for 3 years now in all my other training. But the level of comprehension and mastery was much different than it had been before. …Read more »

Books about Women Pilots

The list of women pilots who persevered against the odds to make aviation history is long. Since the Wright Brother’s, they have performed, set records, and stepped up to serve bravely in times of need despite sexists attitudes and limits to opportunities. There are dozens whose compelling stories and accomplishments make great reading. Here are … Read more »

Books about Amelia Earhart

Amelia Earhart’s is one of the most recognizable names in early aviation history. Famous as the first female aviator to fly solo non-stop across the Atlantic Ocean (making her only the second nd only other person a to do so after Lindbergh), she went to on break records and achieve many aviation firsts. Her tragic … Read more »

What is A Mystery Flight?

Imagine planning a flight where you don’t know what your destination is. All you are given is a sheet of paper with clues in the form of headings, distances, and landmarks. It is up to you to use your pilotage skills to fly the course, identify the landmarks, and reach the mystery destination. Whether you … Read more »

What should you carry in your flight bag?

Do you your gear every year or leave the same old stuff in it? It’s good to take an inventory once in a while to get rid of no-longer-useful or expired items. When you are far away from the ground, you want to carry with you the things that will make you comfortable while still … Read more »

Lane’s Story

MAYDAY, MAYDAY, my engine has blown up and my airplane is on fire! By Lane Post Dateline: Wednesday, middle of July. I own 1/2 of a 1961 Cessna 182 which we keep at Palomar (CRQ) in Carlsbad, CA. It’s overcast with about a 1500′ ceiling and with my wife and youngest son, 18 years old, … Read more »

Birdie on the Green

“Cessna One Eight Echo, Cleared for takeoff.”

My twentieth solo hour. Time off, 9:54 a.m. Nose up, full power, right rudder. I am turning left. More right rudder. Still turning left, I’m not climbing. I’m going to clip someone’s tail! …Read more »

Checkride Tips

Relax! You’ve practiced and prepared for this. And remember, most examiners are really nice people who love flying. They just want to make sure you’re going to be a safe pilot. …Read more »

Air Race Checklist

Air Racing 101 A Primer on Cross-country Handicapped Speed Racing By Pat Lowers Here is a basic list of tasks that will need to be performed during a race. Use it as a starting point and add your own items as they occur to you. Assign all tasks Make hotel reservations Bring Extra engine oil … Read more »