Air Race Checklist

Air Racing 101
A Primer on Cross-country Handicapped Speed Racing
By Pat Lowers

Here is a basic list of tasks that will need to be performed during a race. Use it as a starting point and add your own items as they occur to you.

  • Assign all tasks
  • Make hotel reservations
  • Bring Extra engine oil
  • Bring Rags/water for cleaning plane
  • Bring Pens/pencils – other materials
  • Bring Current charts
  • Bring legal paperwork (log books, etc.)
  • Bring emergency tools
  • Bring Water/food
  • Select/bring Clothes
  • Bring camera/take photos
  • Bring/attach Race numbers
  • Get Weather briefings
  • Conduct Preflight
  • Order and monitor Fuel
  • Time takeoffs/flybys
  • Time checkpoints
  • Calculate ground speeds
  • Calculate race progress
  • Operate Nav radios
  • Operate Com radios
  • Operate GPS
  • Manage Flyby instructions
  • Make flyby calls
  • Watch for traffic
  • Watch for obstacles
  • Ensure plane is tied down

I hope this simple primer helps you decide to participate in air racing and helps you understand and enjoy it.

Blue Skies,